As well as being the voice you hear on BBC Three and Discovery, Gavin has presented in-vision with big broadcasters such as MTV, Channel 4 and Five. Most recently though, Gavin has also been presenting for high profile online productions such as O2, Britains Got TalentThe Independent Online and The Sun. Because of this, it means hes had tons of experience, in both live and pre-recorded, studio and on location; whilst still being New Talent.


With his background in radio, being a stand up comedian and a live studio warm-up it means he can think on his feet; along with his friendly, relatable personality, quick wit and boundless youthful energy. Always knowledgeable about what ever is going on now, hes infectiously enthusiastic, pro-active, positive and self motivated; with a mind constantly bursting full of creative ideas and basically, a very nice talented young man!


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