Gavin will be the first to admit that, talking between the programmes on the tele is a unique job and a pretty cool one to be proud of! He was first heard on five (Channel 5). Knowing he worked in radio and liking his scripts he was writing for the other announcers for Home and Away and Family Affairs, bosses used him on Saturdays as a youthful voice between the programmes. Gavin moved on to voicing Sundays as well, becoming the weekend daytime voice and then into weekdays.

After six years on Five, Gavin moved to BBC Three and is now also the voice of Discovery, Discovery Science and BBC Entertainment on BBC India.

Gavin has experience of live and pre-recorded continuity and in most cases writes his own scripts. On BBC Three live shifts you can also hear Gavin interact with the viewers reading out their tweets and Facebook comments.


BBC Three

Gavin is probably best known as the male voice on BBC Three where as well as introducing the programmes he reads out viewers' tweets and Facebook comments live on air.


From Gold Divers, to Deadliest Catch and from documentaries about history, science and geography - Discovery is a world famous channel and Gavin is one of the two voices who introduces the programmes - and can be heard every other day.

BBC Entertainment - BBC India

If you travel further afield you may hear Gavin in India, on BBC Entertainment, where he is the solo voice of the channel.

Discovery Science

You can hear Gavin every other day, announcing the programmes on Discovery Science.
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