Online Promotional Videos (Corporate) - April/June 2013

Zing are a young, stylish, exciting, event management company covering London and the whole of the UK, based in Hertfordshire. Gavin is friends with the directors so helped them out by narrating and appearing some of their new short videos, produced by Emagine Productions, promoting their events: Get In The Zone, Stroke Of Genius and iPad Fimling

For more information on Zing, visit their website.

Get In The Zone

A promotional video for this high energy inclusive, fun, team-building event which adds a twist of nostalgia to challenge people's physical, mental, skills and creative capabilities

Gavin has provided the voice over for this video. 

Get In The Zone is one of the events that Zing created and manage.

April 2013

A Stroke Of Genius

A promotional video for this urban art team-building event where people have to work collaboratively. 

Gavin has presented this video and provided a voice over. 

Stroke of Genius is one of the events that Zing created and manage.

April 2013


A promotional video for this team-building event where people shoot and edit their own movies on an iPad.

Gavin has presented this video.

Stroke of Genius is one of the events that Zing created and manage.

June 2013