Yorkshire Vs The UK - Kam Kelly's Big Saturday Show

Bauer Radio - Hallam FM, 96.3 Radio Aire, 96.9 Viking FM

Gavin appeared on the feature 'Yorkshire Vs The UK' on 'The Big Saturday Show' with Kam Kelly, representing London in the quiz that pits a town in Yorkshire against another town in the UK. Gavin went against Ryan Mathie, a finalist from The X Factor 2013, who was representing Hull.

'The Big Saturday Show with Kam Kelly' goes out across 3 radio stations; Hallam FM (South Yorkshire), 96.3 Radio Aire (Leeds), and 96.9 Viking FM (Hull) as part of Bauer Radio's Place Portfolio.

Listen to Gavin and Ryan name motorways, films and cricketeers all in a bid of UK City Supremacy!


Off-air recording: Hallam FM - Saturday 14th December 2013, Snooped between 12:10pm-12:45pm