Uni-Q - Series 2

The Independent Online - February-April 2010

Uni-Q is 'Question Time' for students with Gavin hosting and charing the debates. Before the 2010 General Elections, 4 episodes which featured on The Independent Online, were presented from different universities around the UK and are featured below.

Uni Q is created by Catch21 Productions, in association with The Independent and The University of Hull.

Episode 1 - London

In episode 1, Gavin is at Southwark College in London.

The panel are: Ben Bradshaw, the Culture Secretary, Ed Vaizey from the Conservatives, and the Liberal Democrat, Don Foster. 

Topics discussed are the BNP, the 2012 Olympics and how young people in the media are portrayed.

February 2010 on The Independent Online

Episode 2 - Leeds

In this, Episode 2,  it comes from Leeds University's Student Union.


The panel are: Labour's Austin Mitchell, Philip Davies from the Conservatives, and the journalist and campaigner Lester Holloway.         


The panel discuss Extremism, as well as looking at France's attempts to ban the burqa and Leeds University's controversial toilet policy.



March 2010 on The Independent Online

Episode 3 - Birmingham

This is Episode 3 from Abbey College in Birmingham.


The panel are: Labour MP Steve McCabe, former International Development Secretary Clare Short, and Tory candidate Jo Barker.


The panel and audience thrash out their differences on international aid and the forthcoming party leaders' election debates, before wrestling with the political hot potato chosen by our audience: the war in Afghanistan.


March 2010 on The Independent Online


Episode 4 - Bristol

This is Episode 4 from Cotham School in Bristol.


The panel are: Labour MP Kerry McCarthy, the Liberal Democrat Universities Spokesman Stephen Williams, and his Conservative challenger Nick Yarker.


Topics discussed: Is a new tax hike on cider a good thing? Should the Government stop interfering with our health choices? And does Britain have a racial divide in its largest cities? And as always, the audience voted for a Political Hot Potato for the panel to tackle, and in this episode guests get to grips with 'Broken Britain' grim fact, or fanciful fiction?


April 2010 on The Independent Online