Southern FM - Capital Radio Group

Presenter: Late & Live - Sundays 10pm-1am, 2003-2005

Presented and produced a new highly personality led , “near the edge” young show for 16-24 year olds. Within a few months the show had beaten Radio 1, getting more young listeners on a Sunday night. In listening hours, it was the longest listened to show and the No. 1 Commercial Late Show on Sunday.

Whilst at the station also covered weekend breakfast, evenings and mid-mornings

Southern FM was part of the Capital FM Network in the Capital Radio Group and was the number one station, broadcasting over the whole of Sussex from studios in Brighton.

From The Audio Archive..... Stu Takes Viagra

Gavin found out his producer Stu, had taken some cheap form of Viagra he'd got from their mate Matt.

He used it with a girl in his holiday pad in Portsmouth but instead of enhancing his love life, it enhanced his heart rate giving him a full blown panic attack and some other weird stuff.

TX: Southern FM - Sunday 3 October 2004 - approx. 12.20am