Monday Morning Mischief

MTV Backstage - MTV - 2005

Monday Morning Mischief was a hidden camera item, showing pranks you can play on colleagues at work, that went out on MTV Backstage every Sunday night. Gavin presented this item (and carried out the pranks!) within this live studio show.

1/6 - 'Phone Down Pants'

A very simple, but disgusting prank with a phone and a camera.

TX: MTV UK - Sunday 8 May 2005

2/6 - 'Fart Machine'

It's amazing the amount of immature fun you can have with a fart machine in a canteen at work. Just be careful who you do it on!

TX: MTV UK - Sunday 15 May 2005

3/6 - 'Water Troll Toll'

How you can earn money at work by becoming a Water Troll at the water cooler!

TX: MTV UK - Sunday 22 May 2005

4/6 - 'Go Mental In A Meeting'

This required balls of steel, to constantly do inappopirate things during a very important MTV Management Meeting, armed with secret camera glasses. Quite cringey!

TX: MTV UK - Sunday 5 June 2005

5/6 - 'Dolly The Doll'

Gavin takes 'Dolly The Doll', which is essentially a sex doll, into MTV as a work experience candidate.

TX: MTV UK - Sunday 19 June 2005

6/6 - 'Post It Notes'

How you can REALLY annoy a colleague with just some Post-It notes!!!

TX: MTV UK - Sunday 26 June 2005