Match of the Dave - Dave for UKTV & Red Bee Media

Producer & Writer - June & July 2010

Match of the Dave was a strand that ran every night during the World Cup 2010 on Dave from 9:30pm, when the matches were over. As part of this strand, as well as all the branding there were topical comedy continuity links around the programmes, commenting on news around the tournament and teams...... however random that may be! Gavin wrote all these links on each day, so they were as current as possible. As they were pre-recorded many variables had to be written and recorded to cover the different possible outcomes of the games.


This was a massive project and as well as writing, Gavin produced it for Red Bee Media; from the initial idea, to work flow, liaising with the client (UKTV), directing talent, scheduling, and managing the tight delivery with transmission.

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