Living - Virgin Media TV

Stunt Continuity Writer & Producer - 2008-2009

As an announcer on Living, Gavin also got involved at Virgin Media TV with writing and producing ‘Stunt Continuity’, as he gained experience working on such projects at Five. Stunt Continuity is where the talent of the programmes voice the links, replacing the job of the announcer


Some of the projects Gavin was involved with...


  • Wrote and produced the stunt continuity for Living With My Idol: David Hasslehoff, which saw Scott Mills going to live in LA with ‘The Hoff’! This project used links from both Scott Mills and David Hasslehoff



  • Wrote and produced links for the launch of Eurotrash: The Sexy Bits, which returned to Living and Virgin1. The talent used for this project was the famous voice over from the show, Maria McErlane.