Live Continuity Announcer/ Writer / Producer - 2003-09

Originally selected to be a young voice to compliment the younger programmes on a Saturday, Gavin went on to be the announcer on Sunday as well, becoming the weekend voice on Five.

Was also heavily involved in presentation of production, writing the continuity for the soaps (Home and Away and Family Affairs) along with producing End Credit promos for them. Also was involved in production for other stunt continuity pieces with the soaps, Prison Break and William Shatner

Five, now known as Channel 5, is the UK's fifth terrestrial channel - available on all platforms.

A selection of work below over the 7 years on the channel:

Hero Ident - July 2006

For the launch of the new Superman movie, Five had a Superheroes Weekend and this link was in to Batman.

Thanks to Thisisfive for the clip

Christmas 2004

A festive ident and in to the movie Alice in Wonderland

Thanks to Thisisfive for the clip

Beach Ident - 2007

From a daytime shift, in to Law & Order.

Thanks to Thisisfive for the clip

Candy Floss Ident - 2004

From a Saturday in the summer of 2004, promoting Five's coverage of 95.8 Capital FM's Party In The Park.

Thanks to Thisisfive for the clip

ROALD DAHL WEEKEND, Danny the Champion of the World - 2005

The first link that kicked of Roald Dahl weekend in 2005, going in to Danny The Champion Of The World.

Thanks to Thisisfive for the clip

Roald Dahl Weekend, The Witches - 2005

Also part of Roald Dahl weekend, into the scary film The Witches !

Thanks to Thisisfive for the clip