Continuity Producer / Production for Presentation - 2003-9

As well as being a live continuity announcer for Five,  Gavin was heavily involved in production in the Presentation department. 

Before Gavin was an announcer, he was recruited for a new project -  writing continuity scripts for Family Affairs and Home and Away to create synergy between the two, which involved liaising regularly with the production companies. As part of this he produced End Credit Promos  to trail the soaps. Gavin continued to do this when he became an announcer too.

He also wrote continuity strategies and scripts for new shows, strands and special projects like Prison Break, Joey, The Farm, Cosmetic Surgery Live, and Make Me A Supermodel; alongside the soaps, and produced, wrote and directed 'Stunt Continuity' (where the cast/presenters of show become the announcers) on various shows and strands like Home Away, Wentworth Miller from Prison Break, Footballers Wives and William Shatner.

When Five moved to a new digital transmission suite, Gavin was entrusted with the responsibility to oversee and advise on the  new continuity studio.