Five - Presentation Department

Project Management For Continuity - 2006-2009

Whilst being an announcer for Five , as Five didn't have a Continuity Manager, before one was appointed Gavin was asked by the Head of Department to oversee and manage the continuity set-up for two new digital channels: Five Life and Five US. It was a big project to undertake and listed below are some of the things Gavin achieved in this role:

  • Auditioned and found a range of new voices to match two new unique brands set by the Marketing Director. This included the first US announcer in the UK.
  • Developed a conversational style of Double Headed continuity - “Convinuity” which Gavin produced each week.
  • Originated, developed and helped produce the Five Life Channel Launch.
  • Continued to assist Continuity Manager with day to day department issues and creative scripts and briefs.
  • Designed, advised new work flow processes and operational systems for the new channel which involved liaising with transmission facility. This continued with regular meetings and communications.
  • Then in 2007, Gavin helped search for new voices for the rebranded Five Life as FIVER and designed a comprehensive guide and training process for new announcers.