Online Virals Social Media/You Tube - November 2013

Combat Creatures are a multi award winning toy from Wow! Stuff. Attacknids from the range, are remote controlled battling robots. Its eight legs means it has all terrain capabilities and Gavin tests this claim in a range of viral videos called 'Will It Walk'

On social media, fans and followers suggest different terrains such as baked beans, water, syrup; and each week Gavin hosts a short online video asking 'Will It Walk?' and putting the Attacknid to the test!

You can keep up to date with the videos on Combat Creature's Facebook page, on Twitter with @combatcreatures, or using the hashtag #WillItWalk.

You can see the videos on the Will It Walk page, Wow! Stuff's YouTube channel or below:

November 2013

Episode 1 - BAKED BEANS - Friday 1 November 2013

In this inaugural episode, we see if the Attacknid can take on Baked Beans

Episode 2 - GOLDEN SYRUP - Monday 11 November 2013

A sweet challenge for Week 2: Golden Syrup!

Episode 3 - WATER - Monday 18 November 2013

Week 3's episode doesn't sound a good idea: electronics and WATER?!