Ben 10 Omniverse - Alien World Record

Cartoon Network, Turner Broadcasting - August-September 2012

Gavin with presenters Jake and Jack in The Arndale Centre

In celebration of the new series of 'Ben 10 Omniverse' on Cartoon Network, in the summer of 2012 the channel took a live roadshow to nine shopping centres around the UK.  At these events they built a giant model of the alien 'Bloxx' out of Cobi plastic blocks. They started from scratch in Glasgow, and by the time they got to Bluewater in Kent, with nine weeks of kids queuing up to add blocks to the sculpture, they gained an entry in the Guinness World Book of Records for 'The Most People Taking Part In Building A Plastic Brick Sculpture'. When finished it consisted of around quarter of a million blocks.

Here is the completed model:

At these events, was a live show by Cartoon Network presenters 'Jack & Jake' which were filmed. Gavin directed these shows along with location shoots involving kids that had turned up to the event. This would be used as incidentals for the channel.