5 Gets Out Of It Box - Sunset+Vine for Channel 5

Researcher / Broadcast Liaison - Summer 2011

In the summer of 2011 Channel 5 hosted their live summer roadshows- 5 Gets Out Of Itís Box, at various UK locations: Weston-Super-Mare, Blackpool and Leeds. The channel's teen strand, The Core, broadcasted all day long from 10 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon from each location presenting live links between the programmes 

Although technically working for Sunset+Vine, because Gavin worked in the children's department at Channel 5, he led the production at the channel liaising with the production companies. As a researcher he wrote scripts, arranged link times and came up with format ideas for each of the locations.

On the days at the OBs, he was an Assistant Floor Manager and co-ordinated guests and presenters on site.

Link With Vanessa From 'The Tribe'

Although this is bad quality (it was posted by a fan of The Tribe) this is one link from the Leeds roadshow where Vanessa Stacey from The Tribe is interviewed by presenter Kate McIntyre.

TX: Channel 5 - 1 September 2001