Hello person on the inter-web,

So you know what? I reckon this whole internet thing might actually take off, well if Ceefax doesnt put up a dirty fight. So trying to get ahead of the curve, here it is my very own website. Now I can have all my stuff under one roof, think of it like a Tesco Extra but without the fruit and veg, Coco Pops and in-store cafeteria

So youre here. What can you do? Im glad you asked

You can check out my Television presenting page for my showreel, listen to my audio demos on my voiceover page, hear me on your tele-box on my continuity page, see what Ive been writing or making on my production page and even about my stand up comedy and where Im performing next.

All my work is below in my Timeline, just click on the logo to see the project.

Also you can read about what Im up to in my random life in my News section; and about the random thoughts I have in my head on my Blog.

Would love to know what you think, so you can get in touch in all the usual social ways, details on my contact page.

Have fun and play nicely kids.