Hawksbee and Jacobs, kind of, mention me!


Hawksbee and Jacobs from talkSPORT

Well done to my eagle-eyed mate Mark, well eagle-eyed in an audio sense, who heard me get an inadvertent mention on Hawksbee and Jacob’s show on talkSPORT. Not by my name though, as ‘that continuity bloke’ from BBC Three.


They had Greg Davies in talking about his new comedy Cuckoo, which of course is on BBC Three. Although Andy (Jacobs) thought it was actually on BBC Two, he did remember it was BBC Three when he recalled that ‘that continuity bloke’ (me) ‘reads out some terrible tweets’


Yep that’s me and us! Although Paul (Hawksbee) does jump in to remind Andy he’s probably too old to understand all of that. Bless him. Maybe I should provide a PO Box address so he can send in a postcard? Although it is nice Greg mentions he heard me read his tweet out!


You can hear the clip from the talkSPORT show below:


Recorded from talkSPORT on Wednesday 31st October at 1:53pm


And you can see the link Greg is talking about (where his name is read out) on Tuesday 30th October 2012 at 10:30pm on BBC Three below: