As a heterosexual male, Iím not ashamed to admit it, I love musicals. There I said it. Also, Iím not embarrassed to admit I love a bit of Elaine Paige on Sunday on BBC Radio 2 too, where they play out 2 hours of show tunes. Once again to remind you, it's boobs and fannies I prefer.

I didnít catch it this weekend, so headed over to the BBC Radio 2 website to listen to it on BBC iPlayer. When I got to the showís page with the playlist Ė I couldnít believe what I saw.

Look at the two songs they played after Adele, the the first one being the worst. What's Adele ever done to upset EP?! Oooh Elaine, get your claws out (because she was in Cats you see, yep, that was the pun there - got it? Good)

Elaine Paige Show Playlist

You can link to the page itself here